Did Bing’s site icon change?

I was Binging something today, and I noticed that their site icon seems to have varied from what it was yesterday. I am now greeted by this horribly monotone letter.

From this:

To this:   

I don’t know who would’ve changed the perfect old logo… I liked it just fine.


Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing: The Xbox’s Mario Kart

Today I picked up a copy of Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing for Xbox 360. There are not enough words to describe my happiness with this game!
Mario Kart for Nintendo has been a success, and the biggest name in the kart-racing game list. It’s easy to pick up and play, and you know the characters and items all too well by now.

Sonic and SEGA Racing has something that Mario Kart doesn’t. The feeling of speed. When playing this game, you actually feel like you’re going fast, something that I never feel while playing Mario Kart. While yes, the items are stale (I’d compare almost all of them to Green Shells), and the tracks may be limited, this game is truly something fresh. Plus, there is the possibility of downloadable content in the future (more tracks, characters, etc.)

With HD graphics and brilliant sound (which brings in music and sound bytes from original game series), this game is the Mario Kart of the Xbox 360. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good racing game on the Xbox.

5 out of 5.

Changes to my Live Space

I’ve updated my Live Space account! I know, it’s the same background and layout and everything, but it’s different now I promise!

I actually deleted my old Live Spaces account, in attempt to try and snag delibird444.spaces.live.com as my web address… it didn’t work.
So I’m stuck here with this old one. Oh well, in the process, I was able to completely reconstruct the page from the old one. I put my Zune Card on here now, and cleaned out a lot of older pages. Plus, I opened up my page to the general public.

That’s right Facebookians, you can now be redirected here from there! You’ll no longer see warning messages!

That brings my total amount of social connections to four!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/delibird444
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/delibird
Twitter: http://twitter.com/delibird444
Windows Live Spaces: http://delibird4444.spaces.live.com

Maybe one day I’ll find time to get my old website working again too… but for now, enjoy my new Space!

The little bird stole my heart.

Well, it’s not that dramatic, but do any of you remember that post from August 12th of last year? Of course you don’t! So I’ll flashback to it:

It’s awful keeping up with all this!
August 12th.

”Hmmm… I love having Windows Live as my blog thing and profile and everything, but they need to make Facebook and Windows Live more “friendly” with each other. Of course, none of my Windows Live readers will befriend me on Facebook, and none of my Facebook readers read my Windows Live…
That’s odd, yes?
Oh, and I’ll reinforce the point- Twitter is from Satan. ;)”

Well, as if you couldn’t guess, or didn’t already know…
I started a Twitter account.

Anytime you want to read my random nerdy posts about things that probably wouldn’t make since to most people, you can head on over to the Twitter bird place and follow me at @Delibird444.
Or, for the lazier types, just go straight to http://www.twitter.com/Delibird444!