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Back to RuneScape, after years of absence

First post on this blog thing in months! And I’m mostly only doing this for SEO purposes… which you’ll see later in the post.

I’m just informing the world that I have picked up the MMORPG RuneScape once again over the summer. Last time I played (it was way back in 2007-2009), I was INCREDIBLY addicted, which made things a little hard to manage. This time I’m making sure I don’t get sucked in too bad, because I have a lot of side-projects I’m working on too.

Anyway, I joined up with a RuneScape clan (Jagex has done wonderfully with the clan system in the past year, by the way) and have worked my way through to General’s rank. I really like the people in that clan, and it’s been a blast meeting them all. I used my web designing skills (well, web design TOOL using skills) to create that clan a website, You should check it out, it’s gloriously handcrafted by me.

If any readers of this have a RuneScape account, feel free to add me. My username is Delibird444. Don’t forget to also add me on Twitter, and all the other relevant services as well.


Still getting used to WordPress…

Hey all zero of you readers!

In case you haven’t noticed, this page looks terrible right now…
I hope to remedy that if I have time in the future. Maybe I’ll learn a little CSS, or HTML… or another fancy Internet language.

Of course, making a website would be so much easier if I had the software to do it, like Microsoft Expressions or Dreamweaver or something…


But I suppose it can be done.
At least with WordPress, I have a little more design freedom than Windows Live Spaces.
…which is a plus, I suppose.

From coloured buttons to six strings

For my birthday earlier this week, my father handed me my first guitar- a Les Paul.

Now, it’s not the first time that I’ve ever held something with six strings. I once goofed off with a Fender once, but failed miserably at making anything that sounded decent…

But this is it- I’m going to learn this time around. Yeah, I’ve already broken a few strings while learning all about tuning it and octaves and strumming to hard… but I ‘m going to keep trying. I’m going to persevere, and I hope to know at least one song by Christmas.

I hope…


It’s a big leap from five plastic, coloured buttons to six real strings and over twenty frets… and while it may be intimidating, I think I‘ll manage.

Rock Band 3 stand ins?

I’ve been messing around with the stand-ins in Rock Band 3. I was upset when I heard that you can’t assign specific band members to specific instruments, but I may have found a way to do so.

After playing around on with this screen, I’ve found that the first two slots are used by the guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. These two WILL move around, depending on the type of song you’re playing and whether or not keys are involved.
The third slot is the vocalist, if no other human player is the vocalist, and you’re not using this character while playing another instrument. This stand in will change if you play a song with the singer as another gender as the character you’ve set (for instance, if my main singer is male, and I play “Ironic”, he will switch out with a woman.)
The fourth slot is the drummer, if no other humans are using this spot and this character isn’t being used on another instrument.

My band is set up like this:
Slot 1: Bassist\Keyboardist (They are the same character)
Slot 2: Guitarist
Slot 3: Male Vocalist
Slot 4: Female Drummer (will ALWAYS switch spots with the male singer when playing a female song)

When I switch between instruments, I always remember to switch characters too. For instance, if I was playing guitar, and I want to sing, I will press start, switch instruments, and then switch to the character I have as the vocalist, so that my band’s lineup stays intact.

I’ll still be playing around with this screen to see if I can find anything else out about the ordering… I just thought I should report this! Everyone should test this out, and see if you get the same results)

Still trying to get WordPress up and running

If you’re the one or so persons that actually reads this blog, then you may notice some glitches with images, Flash, and Silverlight. I’m trying to get some things pulled together, so that everything interesting is on the main blog page. It’ll get done soon, I promise.

Pinky promise, actually.

Because apparently, those can’t be broken.

For myself, Spaces is no more.

I toast to Windows Live Spaces. It was a good run.
I am not set up on WordPress, and that site will continue to improve it’s appearance. Anyone who wants to visit that can do so by going to No longer will I keep up this spaces site.

A toast to you reader(s), a toast to you Spaces, a toast to you Microsoft, and a toast to the future. What a wonderful cliché. See you all at WordPress!


Delibird444 has signed out.

Windows Live Spaces is withering away…

Do you know where you are right now?


Well, odds are, you’re reading this feed on Windows Live Spaces, a good ol’ blogging service from Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft is now considering Windows Live Spaces to be an infections spam-filled disease to their online strategy, so they’re discontinuing it. I can’t say that they’re wrong in doing so, I mean, in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten eight spambot friend requests on here.

Unfortunately, this blog is on Windows Live Spaces. It too, will die with the service… actually… it’s moving. Microsoft has announced a partnership with WordPress, so this blog will be moving there.

I figured I’d take this opportunity to pick up the URL that this blog needs (, as opposed to Unfortunately, and old Windows Live ID that I cancelled is hogging up that address, so I might need to send a few emails to get that URL back…

In the mean time, this site will still be right where it is now. It won’t go offline until Spaces goes offline. The two belong together… but whenever I get the new WordPress blog up and running, I’ll post all about it here.

Some information you should know:

  • I can no longer post on Spaces starting in January, 2011.
  • This entire page will be completely removed when March, 2011 rolls around. Hey, it’s not me, it’s Microsoft.

Remember, if you love me, you’ll also follow me on Twitter, YouTube, Zune, Xbox Live, and everywhere else. I mean, it’s pretty stalkerish if you follow me on all of that, but if you want to, you should know the name by now. Delibird444 for everything!


It’s sad that Spaces is dying, yes. But look on the bright side- no more Viagra advertisements!