Windows Phones and WordPress

Less than a month ago, I was at the US Cellular store, eager to spend the Belief points built up over the course of several months. I had kept my eye on one particular phone (not phone, per se, but operating system)- a Windows Phone. I quickly picked out the gorgeous HTC 7 Pro, and if you’ve followed me on Twitter at @Delibird444, then you know that I am in a deep infatuation with this phone.

Anyhow, more on the phone some other time. I’m actually just here to try out the WP7 WordPress app! With this, I may actually set up this blog as an interesting place. Because apps motivate me to do things..

Farewell for now. More posts soon. Remember to follow me on Twitter (and add me on Xbox LIVE/Zune as Delibird444!).

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