Back to RuneScape, after years of absence

First post on this blog thing in months! And I’m mostly only doing this for SEO purposes… which you’ll see later in the post.

I’m just informing the world that I have picked up the MMORPG RuneScape once again over the summer. Last time I played (it was way back in 2007-2009), I was INCREDIBLY addicted, which made things a little hard to manage. This time I’m making sure I don’t get sucked in too bad, because I have a lot of side-projects I’m working on too.

Anyway, I joined up with a RuneScape clan (Jagex has done wonderfully with the clan system in the past year, by the way) and have worked my way through to General’s rank. I really like the people in that clan, and it’s been a blast meeting them all. I used my web designing skills (well, web design TOOL using skills) to create that clan a website, You should check it out, it’s gloriously handcrafted by me.

If any readers of this have a RuneScape account, feel free to add me. My username is Delibird444. Don’t forget to also add me on Twitter, and all the other relevant services as well.

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