Windows Live Spaces is withering away…

Do you know where you are right now?


Well, odds are, you’re reading this feed on Windows Live Spaces, a good ol’ blogging service from Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft is now considering Windows Live Spaces to be an infections spam-filled disease to their online strategy, so they’re discontinuing it. I can’t say that they’re wrong in doing so, I mean, in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten eight spambot friend requests on here.

Unfortunately, this blog is on Windows Live Spaces. It too, will die with the service… actually… it’s moving. Microsoft has announced a partnership with WordPress, so this blog will be moving there.

I figured I’d take this opportunity to pick up the URL that this blog needs (, as opposed to Unfortunately, and old Windows Live ID that I cancelled is hogging up that address, so I might need to send a few emails to get that URL back…

In the mean time, this site will still be right where it is now. It won’t go offline until Spaces goes offline. The two belong together… but whenever I get the new WordPress blog up and running, I’ll post all about it here.

Some information you should know:

  • I can no longer post on Spaces starting in January, 2011.
  • This entire page will be completely removed when March, 2011 rolls around. Hey, it’s not me, it’s Microsoft.

Remember, if you love me, you’ll also follow me on Twitter, YouTube, Zune, Xbox Live, and everywhere else. I mean, it’s pretty stalkerish if you follow me on all of that, but if you want to, you should know the name by now. Delibird444 for everything!


It’s sad that Spaces is dying, yes. But look on the bright side- no more Viagra advertisements!

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