Windows Live Wave 4 BETA = error fail

I recently decided to download Windows Live Wave 4’s BETA to try it out (Oh yeah, typing this from Writer Wave 4!), and I’ve been plagued with errors ever since. The biggest one I’ve actually complained to the Windows Live Help Center about ( It’s called error 0x80048849 in Windows Live Mail BETA, and it’s ridiculous right now. After installing the new BETA, whenever I go to sync my mail- BAM! This error comes up. It’s like a bad disease that you just keep catching… anyway, another user found a workaround that seems to work for now, but still, it’d be better if the problem would just go away.

Other problems happen in places like the new Messenger (which makes me angry anyway. I mean you have Facebook on it, but you can’t chat OR like things? Come on!) But yeah, the errors occur occasionally when signing in, and if you leave Messenger open, prepare to be slowed down immensely.

I like the new Windows Live Essentials (Wave 4, all the way), but it needs help really badly to get these errors worked out. <— New emoticons For The Lose, but the fact that you can insert them into Writer? Epic, indeed.

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