Ugh… Bing changed again!

My first love, Bing, has changed again. And while I should have expected that she would mature soon enough, I absolutely hate how she now looks. First off, let me show you a comparison.

Old Bing Layout

I loved everything about this layout. I loved that the Quick find bar is on the side (Where it says Finance, Tour, etc.), along with the Related Searches and Search History. The results themselves were more organized and better looking. Also, note how much better the pretty photo is in the corner and look at what the ads and search bar look like (you’ll see how that’s relevant in a minute).


New Bing Layout

So this is the horrible new Bing layout. First, you can see that they’ve moved the Quick find bar under the newly-inflated search bar. They call these “Quick Tabs”. I think they’re horrible looking, and less attractive than the bar. They moved the pretty image behind the over-inflated search bar (which looks odd). And perhaps the tackiest design choice is the big subheading under the Bing logo. “WEB”. Really? As if I couldn’t see that by looking 200 pixels over into the “WEB” tab, or looking at the results themselves.

All in all, I think these changes are pathetic. Bing had a theme going on (Which some search engines like Google attempted to ‘copy’), and the changed it to look more like other search engines… Ask, anyone?

See the resemblance? I do.

My dearest friend, Bing-
Please stop changing. You had a good theme going on, so why change it? Thankfully, I’ve saved the top layout into a cookie that Firefox will continue to use on my computer. Bing, I hope you realize that you’ve went from the beautiful, organized Cinderella of search engines to the ugly stepsister of the bunch.

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