I survived the Red Rings

Yesterday I went into town with the family, and found a really cheap HDMI cable. I found it to be a bargain (Only $7!) so I picked it up. I brought it home and connected it to my Xbox 360 immediately. Instantly, the picture was clearer and the sound was slightly better.

As I went in to pop in a disc, I heard a noise that I never had before…
Fans were kicking in left and right, and all over the console was hot! Then, it happened.

I saw the three deadly lights. I thought I was doomed. Quickly however, I unplugged the system and grabbed a can of compressed air. I blew it into the disc drive (You should’ve seen what came out) and waited about five minutes (enough to look up repair info on xbox.com). Once the system was cool, I plugged it back in and all was well. Four dancing green lights greeted me.

Life was meaningful once more.

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