The little bird stole my heart.

Well, it’s not that dramatic, but do any of you remember that post from August 12th of last year? Of course you don’t! So I’ll flashback to it:

It’s awful keeping up with all this!
August 12th.

”Hmmm… I love having Windows Live as my blog thing and profile and everything, but they need to make Facebook and Windows Live more “friendly” with each other. Of course, none of my Windows Live readers will befriend me on Facebook, and none of my Facebook readers read my Windows Live…
That’s odd, yes?
Oh, and I’ll reinforce the point- Twitter is from Satan. ;)”

Well, as if you couldn’t guess, or didn’t already know…
I started a Twitter account.

Anytime you want to read my random nerdy posts about things that probably wouldn’t make since to most people, you can head on over to the Twitter bird place and follow me at @Delibird444.
Or, for the lazier types, just go straight to!

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